Ronan’s musical career started age ten with 7 years of classical French horn training in Germany. He was then introduced to the Australian Didgeridoo by a friend and was later given his first ‘real’ didgeridoo by master drummer, Emmanuel Gomado from Ghana which sparked many new avenues and collaborations. After much self teaching and musical travels Ronan was fortunate to meet a great Tabla maestro. Having been passionate about percussion and always keen on the Tabla this new chapter couldn’t have come too soon. Ronan began playing Tabla in 2003. His teacher, Ustad Akram Khan is India’s master of a very rich and intricately technical north Indian style known as the Ajarara Gharana. As a disciple continuous learning is the focus and Ronan regularly visits India to further his studies. Ronan has been exploring a fusion of tabla, percussion and didgeridoo within one context by means of a hybrid percussion kit which he has designed. This has become part of his permanent set-up and demonstrates a rich textural variety as well as an intriguing versatility. Many of his instruments are hand made by him and often come directly from percussion sounds found in nature. Ronan has featured his sound in genres across the board from classical through rock, folk, electro, jazz, world music and hip hop. Ronan has performed in S.A., Germany, Switzerland, Holland, France, U.K. & India and has featured on many recordings and film scores. Some noteworthy collaborations include performances with Johnny Clegg, Ricardo Garcia from Spain, Jazzart, Freshlyground, Hot Water, La Rosa- Spanish Dance Theatre , Cherif Sisokho from Senegal, Monique Hellenberg, Hilton Schilder, Babu, Jan Galega Brönnimann, Saadet Türköz, Nadja Stoller, Omri Hason, Werner Hasler, Guy Collins and TONIK which won a SAMA (South African Music Award) for ‘Best Instrumental Album 2008′. Ronan has recorded music on albums for release with: Babu, TONIK, Guy Buttery Rus Nerwich, Hot Water, Mantras 4 Modern Man, Chris Tokalon, Starkravingsane, Guy Collins Lisa Bauer,Moreira Project Vol 2, Amanda Tiffin, Melanie Scholtz, Grassroots, Luna Paige, Chris Chameleon Dan Shout, Red Earth And Rust to name a few.

Tabla, Percussion, Hybrit kit, Didgeridoo

Born in N. Ireland May 1980.